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Kuma Wood Stoves

• The Tamarack is capable of heating spaces up to 1700 sq. ft.
• This stove is affordably priced but a solid performer.
• It features non-catalytic technology with a single
air control and a good burn time for a small stove.
• Residential and manufactured home approved.

 • The Kuma model Ashwood is the newest
addition to our Wood Stove offering.
• Employing a modular stove body design, the Ashood can be
fitted as shown with a variety of options including
an ashpan and a Euro-style pedestal.
• The Ashwood is also available with legs or as a Fireplace insert.
• The Ashwood delivers enough heat for a home up to 2000 sq. ft

Wood Classic
• The model Wood Classic sports a "classic" step top design that increases radiant surface and has a double-wall convection chamber to assist in convective heat movement.
• It takes upto a 20" piece of wood and has up to a 12-hour burn time on a single load of wood.
• It is capable of heating up t a 2500 sq. ft. home and is manufactured home approved.
• Optional pedestal with ash pan or 4 leg styles to choose from.

• The granddaddy of the Kuma Wood Stove line, the Sequoia is a
large full convection heater capable of heating homes above 3500 sq. ft.
• An extra-heavy built unit, the Sequoia stove will
take up to 23 inch logs and features a long burn time.
• Clean, simple lines and efficient performance
makes the Sequoia a solid choice.
• Available as a freestanding stove or Fireplace insert.
• The Sequoia features a large convection chamber which, when used
as a fireplace insert, maximizes the amount of heat entering the room,
and all but eliminates heat loss into the chimney, even without a blower.